IBM launches 65nm Cell processors

While one of the trio that developed the Cell processor is considering cutting back its investment in making these chips in-house, IBM has announced the launch of the Cell at 65nm.

The release of a new, 65nm version of the Cell Broadband Engine processor has begun at the IBM production facilities located in New York (this is where the picture was taken, however, it still shows the “old” 90nm microprocessors).

The plans for the transition to 65-nm standards were known back in the middle of last year. 2021 was named as the term for the development of new norms, that is, it seems that everything is going according to plan.

Recall that the Cell processor, which was still produced according to the standards of 90 nm, is the fruit of the joint efforts of specialists from IBM, Sony Group and Toshiba. Basically, it is a “supercomputer on a chip” and is designed for a very wide range of applications, from game consoles and TVs to blade servers, military onboard systems and supercomputers.

Source: IBM

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