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Leopard release will be delayed?

A few days ago, the Taiwanese edition of DigiTimes, without specifying sources, published information that the release of the new Apple operating system Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard may be delayed until fall. The reason for this, according to the publication, is Apple’s desire to provide its operating system with support for Microsoft Windows Vista.

“Our sources report that the release of Leopard will be delayed, not because Apple programmers do not have time to finish the development of the OS, but because of the company’s plans to provide users with the ability to work in Windows Vista using the integrated Mac OS X 10.5 version of Boot Camp “, – writes the edition.

However, Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg said that, according to his information, the information published by DigiTimes does not correspond to reality.

“I spoke with Apple officials who confirmed there would be no delay and Leopard is still scheduled for release in the spring, as the company previously reported,” Gartenberg wrote on his blog.

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