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KINO – compact mainboards iEi Technology at CeBIT

The manufacturer of industrial and embedded components iEi Technology is well known in its field and is represented in Russia by two distributors, but for obvious reasons, the products of this company are not very familiar to the mass user. At CeBIT, the company presented several boards in the Micro-ITX format, which may be of interest not only to manufacturers of embedded solutions, but also to the general public.

In particular, a truly unique product was shown – a KINO-690S1 motherboard based on AMD 690G chipset for Turion 64 X2 and Sempron Mobile processors with Socket S1. The card supports up to 2GB of RAM in the SO-DIMM socket. Product configuration includes four SATA2 and one IDE ports, two Gigabit network adapters, USB 2 ports.0 and audio subsystem. Expansion options are provided by PCIEx1 and PCI slots. Connection of display devices to the integrated graphics subsystem is assigned to VGA, DVI and TV-out connectors. As a live demonstration at the stand, two monitors were connected to the board, each of which was playing a video in high definition.

If the demands in terms of compactness are not so high, you can save on components and install a full-size processor and memory on the KINO-690AM2 board, which in other aspects is an exact copy of the product presented above.

There is a similar solution for the Intel platform. KINO-9454-R20 Mini-ITX is designed for Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium 4 and Pentium D microprocessors. On the board, the manufacturer has provided two slots for installing RAM DIMM modules. As in the case of the first two new products, the KINO-9454-R20 configuration includes SATA2 and IDE ports, two Gigabit network adapters, USB 2 ports.0 and sound and graphics subsystems.

Source: iXBT own at CeBIT 2021

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