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Microchip Technology MCP7381X: Single-Chip Lithium Battery Charger

Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries, despite fire incidents, remain the most popular sources of power for portable electronic devices. Microchip Technology introduced two controller ICs for the respective chargers – MCP73811 and MCP73812 (MCP7381X).

The products are designed for single cell batteries and provide complete, fully integrated solutions for all charge management functions. The manufacturer has provided the ability to select and program the charge current. The maximum current value is 500 mA. The controllers support USB bus connection (in other words, they can charge the batteries with the current coming from the USB port), are equipped with current sensors, pass-through transistors and protection against connection in reverse polarity. A high degree of integration, which reduces the number of external components, according to the manufacturer, will reduce the size of the end devices and simplify their design.

Consumer electronics devices such as toys and MP3 players are cited as examples of applications for the MCP7381X.

New items are available in 5-pin SOT-23 packages. Wholesale price for MCP73811 is $ 0.57, MCP73812 is $ 0.59.

Source: Microchip Technology

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