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MSI2500 Product Details.MIRICS MSi SDR USB Dongle


R Mirics Limited 5 Software Defined Radio API User Guide 3 API Functions The header mir_sdr.h defines the external function prototypes provided by this API. All functions are blocking. Supported Functions mir_sdr_ErrT mir_sdr_StreamInit(int *gRdB, double fsMHz, double rfMHz, mir_sdr_Bw_MHzT bwType, mir_sdr_If_kHzT ifType,File Size: KB. Mirics Semiconductor, Inc. offers semiconductors that enable global platform products for converged broadcast. It provides poly-band tuners for the consumer electronics and cell phone industries. The company also offers evaluation kits, which allow the evaluation of the tuners in a lab environment. Mirics Semiconductor was founded in andFounded: 01 May, IMPORTANT NOTICES. Effective 6/21/, “Occupation” is a required field. The Approved Weapons Roster has been updated as of September,


Mirics.MSI MIRICS Integrated Circuits (ICs) – Jotrin Electronics

Jul 30,  · The Mirics MSi Chipset is the heart of SDRPlay RSP. It’s hard to believe that two chips the size of a fingernail produce such powerful radios. Similar to the heritage of various RTL-SDR devices, the Mirics MSi Chipset was designed for ultra wideband broadcast ted Reading Time: 2 mins. The Mirics dongle allows much more bandwidth and can be run in non-zero IF modes which would avoid problems with the center spur which could affect reception of 88 to MHz FM radio. The MSi is significantly less good than average amateur transceivers in dynamic range. A radio like the ICMKIIG is 15 to 20 dB better when it comes to. The MIRICS’s inventory fluctuates greatly and cannot be updated in time, it will be updated periodically within 24 hours. After submitting an order for MSI, it is recommended to confirm the order with Jotrin salesperson or online customer service before payment.

Technical Parameters
The Mirics MSi with Linrad.

Mirics MSi3101 Chipset Synergy
MIRCS Dealer Application
Mac OS X 10.four.9 adds support for new mobile phones

Mac OS X 10 operating system update released a few days ago.four.9 Tiger brings support for new cell phone models to work with Apple’s iSync data sync utility.

Apple has added the following models to the list of officially supported iSync phones:

  • Motorola K1 Bluetooth + USB
  • Motorola K1m Bluetooth + USB
  • Motorola V3m Bluetooth + USB
  • Motorola L2 Bluetooth + USB
  • Samsung D600 Bluetooth
  • Samsung D900 Bluetooth
  • Nokia N80 Bluetooth + USB
  • Nokia E61 Bluetooth + USB
  • Nokia E62 Bluetooth + USB
  • Nokia N71 Bluetooth + USB
  • Nokia N72 Bluetooth + USB
  • Nokia N73 Bluetooth + USB
  • Nokia N91 Bluetooth + USB
  • Nokia N93 Bluetooth + USB
  • Nokia 6102 Bluetooth
  • Nokia 6103 Bluetooth
  • Nokia 6131 Bluetooth + USB
  • Sony Ericsson K610i Bluetooth + USB
  • Sony Ericsson K790i Bluetooth + USB
  • Sony Ericsson K800i Bluetooth + USB
  • Sony Ericsson Z525a Bluetooth + USB

    A complete list of iSync-supported phone and PDA models can be found on this page of the Apple website.

    Certain non-officially supported models can still sync with Mac computers using iSync using third-party add-ons such as iSync phone plug-ins 4 from nova media.

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