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The SyncMaster 940UX USB monitor uses DisplayLink DL-120 chips

DisplayLink Announces First USB Monitors, Samsung SyncMaster 940UX, Using Its DL-120 ICs. They provide image output in 32-bit color and up to SXGA resolution (1280×1024 pixels).

Up to 6 monitors can be connected to one image source, and each of them can be equipped with a four-port USB hub.

The image processing using the CPU is handled by the Virtual Graphics Card (VGC) software running under Windows. The VGC program processes information intended for display, according to an algorithm patented by the company. This performs lossless compression. After transmission via wired or wireless USB 2.0, the Hardware Rendering Engine chip included in the DL-120 restores the original image and displays it on the monitor screen.

Considering the fact that DisplayLink claims compatibility of its chips with Wireless USB and Wi-Fi, there is reason to believe that in the near future we may see monitors that require only one cable – power supply.

Note that the developer is planning a widespread introduction of its products – docking stations for laptops with video output to an external display device, as well as photo frames, Skype videophones, etc. are named as potential applications.d., using one of the compatible data transmission standards.

Source: DisplayLink

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