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TRENDnet and Yandex. Money announces the joint promotion of Skype on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries

TRENDnet and Yandex.Money announces the unification of their efforts to promote Skype voice communication technology in Russia and the CIS countries. The goal of the partnership agreement for both companies is to widely popularize Skype among end users, as well as among representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

Thanks to an exclusive agreement between Skype and Yandex.The money, which was concluded in December 2021, made it possible for all users of the Russian-speaking Internet to make calls using Skype to landline phones around the world. Any Yandex wallet owner can pay for SkypeOut and Skype Voicemail services today.Money.

Savings due to the use of Skype technology for voice communication with other cities range from 50% to 70%, therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia are actively implementing Skype both for communication between offices and for calls to partners within Russia and abroad.

The variety of TRENDnet telephones, designed specifically for Skype standards, makes Skype telephony convenient for personal use, and for office PBX and conference calls, which is especially important given the high security of this standard.

TRENDnet manufactures high quality equipment for Skype calls:

  • Wireless Bluetooth Skype-phone TVP-SP1BK with a signal range of up to 100 meters, the recommended price is $ 120;
  • Skype Conference Phone TVP-SP2, $ 75 MSRP;
  • Skype phone TVP-SP3, MSRP $ 29;
  • TVP-SP4BK Wireless Skype Conference Phone, $ 175 MSRP;
  • USB adapter for Skype conversations using a regular phone, $ 49 MSRP.

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