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Ixxat usb to can compact.


Dell Listens to Customers to Start Selling Non-Windows Laptops

Last week, Dell launched IdeaStorm, the main goal of which is to enable customers to express their wishes on how they would like to see the manufacturer’s new products.

During this time, about 37 thousand people have expressed a desire to see laptops with pre-installed Linux OS in the Dell lineup. The manufacturer promptly responded to the “voice of the people”. Already, Latitude D420, D520, D620 and D820 laptops have joined the n-Series (computers shipped without preinstalled Windows), which previously included Dimension and OptiPlex desktops. These mobile and desktop PCs come with a CD version of FreeDOS.

Linux users are free to install on such computers independently.

In the future, this operation for them, perhaps, will be done by Dell itself, but at the moment the company is faced with a choice of supported distributions. Visitors to IdeaStorm offer about half a dozen solutions, and a choice will be made between them.

Source: Dell

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