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The commercial operation of the WiMAX-based network in Ryazan will begin in March

New Telecommunications and Siemens Networks announced the completion of construction and technical launch of a wireless broadband access network based on WiMAX technology in Ryazan. The commercial operation of the network will begin in March 2021.

The construction of a wireless broadband access network based on WiMAX technology in Ryazan was carried out under a contract signed by the companies at the end of 2021. Under the terms of the agreement, Siemens Networks provided the delivery of the WayMAX solution, which includes base stations, subscriber terminals – Gigaset SE461 modems, SURPASS hiT 7020 interface converter, routers and network management and monitoring subsystems in early February 2021. WayMAX equipment provides high bandwidth in wireless access networks, up to 10 Mbps per subscriber, due to the use of frequency channels with different bandwidths and several types of adaptive modulation.

The launch of the network will provide full-fledged radio coverage in the city of Ryazan and in the nearest suburbs, including cottage settlements. Subscribers will be able to receive a wide range of voice and data services and applications with a guaranteed level of quality of service, namely: HSIA (high-speed Internet access), e-mail, file transfer, music download, audio streaming, various video services (video on demand, IPTV, video conferencing, video calling, online gaming), voice over IP and VPN services.

This project was the first phase in building a federal network in 36 large cities and regions of Russia. For 2021, the company plans even larger investments and the launch of WiMAX networks in at least 50 cities in all federal districts of the Russian Federation.

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