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SST All-in-OneMemory – an attempt to redefine the concept of “memory subsystem” for mobile systems

Silicon Storage Technology (SST) Unveils “Revolutionary Memory Subsystem” All-in-OneMemory. The new design allegedly combines the key benefits of NOR, NAND and RAM in a unified architecture.

In particular, the new product provides several gigabytes of space for storing programs with the ability to run without copying to RAM (execute-in-place, XIP). All-in-OneMemory technology is designed for a wide range of applications, including multimedia cell phones, portable players, cameras and camcorders, navigators, set-top boxes, IPTV and industrial electronics. By “packing” all the key components of the memory subsystem in one package, it is alleged that it was possible to simplify the interface, reduce the design time of the final products and reduce their cost.

All-in-OneMemory consists of a memory controller, NOR and NAND flash memory, and random access memory (RAM). The controller has a built-in SuperFlash NOR block with a boot count, a file system for managing NAND memory, a Pseudo NOR cache controller (PNOR) that emulates the presence of high-density NOR memory. The RAM blocks are divided into two user-configurable sections that can be directly accessed from the main processor. These blocks include a cache section for PNOR and a system RAM area. NAND flash memory block is used as non-volatile storage for the PNOR area and the ATA NAND “disk” mapped into memory. Using RAM and NAND to emulate NOR with an expandable PNOR block eliminates the need for a relatively expensive real NOR memory chip.

The first production SST products using All-in-OneMemory should hit the market in the second half of the year.

Source: Silicon Storage Technology

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