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Utilities: SearchInform v.3.3.08

SoftInform announced the release of a new version of SearchInform, a program for full-text search and search for documents similar in content.

The new version of the program introduced support for the new popular DjVu format, introduced functional changes and improved work in the local network.

New features of SearchInform 3.3.08

From the current version, the SearchInform program supports indexing and subsequent search in the DjVu format. It is a graphic format optimized for storing scanned documents, which has actually become the standard for electronic libraries of technical and scientific literature. In addition, the Russian morphology was significantly improved, which made it possible to improve the quality of search results for Russian-speaking users.

Changes in SearchInform 3.3.08 touched upon the functions of interest, first of all, to the corporate client. The process of scanning the local network for the presence of SearchInform servers has been finalized and improved. Now only the corresponding versions of the client program are found. That is, if the client program is version 3.3.08, it will only find similar servers. Connection with other versions could lead to instability in the system.

Main features of SearchInform 3.3.08:

  • Phrasal search taking into account the morphology and the dictionary of synonyms;
  • New technology for searching for similar documents SoftInform Search Technology;
  • High indexing speed (from 15 to 30 GB / hour);
  • The size of the index is 15-25% of the real volume of text information;
  • Request caching function;
  • Support for over 60 common text file formats, Outlook and TheBat emails, mp3 and avi tags and ICQ 99-2021 and Microsoft Messenger instant messaging programs);
  • Correct work with archives;
  • Universal data sources (indexing of DBMS fields and various information systems).

Download SearchInform v.3.3.08 can be found at the following addresses (Windows All):

  • Trial (5.3 MB)
  • Free (5.2 MB)

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