Dell 6gbps sas hba driver





Dell 6gbps sas hba driver.


AMD: New 3.0GHz Dual-Core Opteron Processors – Latest in Series?

Just a few months before the release of 4-core solutions, the company
Micro Devices “squeezes” the maximum out of the dual-core architecture, preparing
3 GHz versions of the Opteron family of processors.

AMD will officially release and begin shipping three new
processors in the line, which will have an operating frequency of 3.0 GHz, which is 200
MHz higher than the frequency of the previous flagship solution. However, for an increased
frequency (and therefore performance) will have to pay increased
power consumption, which will be about 120 W for the new models.

The 1222 SE, 2222 SE, and 8222 SE Opteron processors are designed for,
respectively, for installation in single-processor web servers, dual-processor
general purpose servers, and 4- and 8-way high-performance servers,
designed for processing large amounts of data, databases and servers
applications, as noted in his interview prior to the release of new products, Mr
John Fruehe, Head of Marketing Development in the Server Division

Sources say that while AMD is already taking orders for new
processors, prices have not yet been announced. Shipments will also not start immediately, approximately after
Couple of weeks. California hopes that most OEMs
will immediately start assembling new, proportionally more powerful solutions for
based on their processors and at the time of the announcement, these solutions will immediately become available on
the market.

TheRegister, CRN

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