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RV630 – AMD’s early stage on the road to PCI Express 2.0 and GDDR4?

Our colleagues from the HKEPC resource with a link to
Taiwanese manufacturers report that AMD
announces next generation of mid-range GPUs in May. RV630 Chip Supports Unified Shader Architecture
and Direct X 10 Shader Model 4.0. It is manufactured using a 65nm process technology in factories
TSMC and will support GDDR4 memory, but its bus
will be 128-bit…

In total, several variants of the RV630 will be produced.
Their codenames are Kohinoor, Orloff and Sefadu. The first option is with support
GDDR4, the second with GDDR3, and the third, the most
budget, will work in tandem with
GDDR2 memory.

It is also noteworthy that the RV630 chip will support the PCI Express 2 specification.0. 16 PCI-E lanes will transfer data at a speed
up to 8 Gb / s. RV630 solution will enable video output via Dual Link DVI,
S-Video and HDMI with HDCP content protection. To ensure a clear and
high-quality picture, the RV630 uses a universal video decoder, which
capable of handling video in VC-1 and H formats.264.

The most power-hungry will, of course, be the most powerful version of the RV630 chip –
Kohinoor, which will draw up to 128W of power; the version looks more modest
Orloff – 93 W and Sefadu – 75 W will be even less voracious. Time of appearance
on the market for these new solutions – Sefadu will appear in May, and about
the output of the rest will be announced later.

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