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Canon powershot s40.


Standard embedded graphics will be 84 x 95mm

Kontron and XGI Technology Introduce the First Release of the Embedded Graphics Card Standard – UGM 1.0 (Universal Graphics Module). According to the specification, the dimensions of the module are taken equal to 84 x 95 mm, and it itself will not have connectors for connecting display devices.

Unlike conventional graphics cards that are perpendicular to the motherboard, UGM cards are designed for parallel installation. This results in a flat and compact design. Even more important for consumers is the reduction in development time, and other benefits of a unified approach, such as ease of upgrade and guaranteed availability of standard-defined functionality. The impetus for development was the increasing complexity of the implementation of graphics subsystems.

UGM modules will be connected to motherboards using a 220-pin connector, which is also used for COM Express / ETXexpress Computer-On-Module modules. PCI-Express signals (1, 4, 8 or 16 lines) and video signals are sent to the module via the contacts of this connector. The module can contain up to 512 MB of memory and perform the function of capturing video signal. The output signals of the module are sent back to the system board via the pins of the same connector. Currently UGM specification 1.0 includes support for Dual LVDS, Dual DVI and Dual VGA.

The motherboard designer himself can decide which signals to output to the external connector – for example, audio, USB and DVI. Thus, it is possible to simplify the design of the embedded graphics card, eliminate the issues related to the location of connectors and provide for the possibility of adding content protection functions (HDCP).

The supply voltage of the modules is 5 V, TDP – 45 W. It is assumed that such a TDP margin will make it possible to implement even the most productive solutions demanded in applications related to intensive 3D graphics processing – multimedia centers and game consoles.

The specifications of the new standard will be open to independent developers in the first quarter, and the first UGM modules from Kontron are expected to be on the market in the first half of 2021.

Sources: XGI Technology, Kontron

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