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Personal 40-core supercomputer TyanPSC T-650 QX

Tyan has announced the release of the TyanPSC T-650 QX “Personal Supercomputer” based on 4-core Intel Xeon L5320 processors with a power consumption of no more than 50 W.

T-650 QX is, in fact, a 5-node cluster in one case, designed for office work, which is facilitated, in particular, by the relatively low power consumption of the system (up to 1650 W).
Each of the cluster nodes can include one or two Xeon L5320 processors (1.86 GHz, L2 cache – 8 MB, FSB – 1066 MHz), respectively, the maximum configuration has 40 processor cores. Its total floating point performance reaches 256 gigaflops.

The buyer can order TyanPSC T-650 QX with Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2021 or Linux preinstalled. The ability to have on your desk a “supercomputer that could have entered the Top 500 yesterday” will cost $ 20,000 or more, depending on the configuration. We will remind, earlier the sum of 15 thousand dollars was called.


  • Nodes: 2-socket, one master, four slaves
  • Processors: up to 10 Intel Xeon L5320
  • Memory: up to 60 GB (up to 12 GB DDR II 533/667 per node)
  • Drives: up to three HDDs with SATA II interface for the master node and one for the slaves
  • Networking: Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 4xInfiniBand for intra-cluster communications
  • PSU: three 600 W each, of which one is dedicated to the master node
  • Noise: less than 52dB
  • Dimensions: 527 x 356 x 700 mm

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